About us

Since year 2002 Vegtomas Ltd. trading with veneers from different kind of wood around the world. On stock you will be able to find more than 40 different kind of wood spieces. Some of them you will be able to find only in our company.  On stocks located in Kaunas and Vilnius in reasonable amount we have european oak, ash and american walnut. If you have special request and looking for veneer from special - rear wood spieces, solid wood or veneer from burls we promptly will find it and offer you.

Many years Vegtomas Ltd. is exclusive partner of ALPI S.p.A. world leader of veneer in sheets production. Every year this company creating and offering to market new items in accordance to world fashion tendences created togetrher with famous designers. The newest catalogue you can find: https://www.alpi.it/en/products